We’re Back!

Hey everybody! We’re back safely from Saba. What an amazing trip! I’ll try to set up a web page pretty soon with a bunch of pictures and a report of the work we did, but for now suffice it to say that God was very much at work on the beautiful island of Saba…

In other awesome news: I got the Vanderbilt internship! Whoohoo!!!! Now I have to start making plans… More to follow.

Here are the people who are leading the group I’ll be working with along with some of their research: (“Molecular Modeling of Nanostructural Materials”)
Dr. Peter Cummings
Dr. Clare McCabe


Double Lives

Well guys, it’s time to come clean. I’ve been leading several double lives, and I think it’s high time you all knew about my hidden talents, especially in the women’s equestrian field.

Sports Career
Catholic Horse Coaching
More Horses
Even More
Stormwater Management
Military Tattoo Artist
Software Development
Proud Lamb Owner

GH – A Prose on Revelation

This one’s nice and eerie with lots of open parallel fifth sounds and some interjectory jazz chords. I know it says, “Prose”, but it’s really too poetic to write in paragraph form, so I’ve put it in verse.

A Prose On Revelation

The lights were dim
And the air was still.
Three corners closed,
Condemned to kill.
The fourth was Peace,
Bearing seven seals,
Traveling toward America,
Forbidding nations steal.
Sounding as the flower child,
Loving dolphins, hugging trees,
Begging the others
To cease conspiracies.
The fifth fell from above,
The one accused to Hell.
He turned it open
And he smelled a smoky smell.

Looking, I saw the Lamb
Standing high on Zion.
With him, the 144K,
With his Father’s name above their eyes.
His voice was like the ocean,
Touched by every angry cloud.
He was singing songs I’d never heard,
And the harps were loud.
They were very, very loud.
He said, “Be gentle with the grass
And any green thing.
Destroy all the unmarked,
But leave the hugged trees.
Torment with scorpions’ tails;
Make them seek to die.
Let giant locusts with long hair
Fill and split the eye.”

“Teach them the sad, sad song
Of the broken Babylonian,
Who laughed when good men suffered
And splintered their foundations.”

For on, the three beheaded souls
Still witness, with a smile,
Restored as priests to rob the beasts
Of anything worthwhile.
Then I saw the face of light,
And all around the globe
The river ran, unending life
From the blood-stained throne.
The Alpha Son and Omega Father
And Ever-living Spirit
Spoke the word in unison
For any who would hear it,
Sending angels from the stars
With the winds of Heaven,
To loose the chains and bend the bars
For all the Forehead 7.

The God who showed me all these things said,
“Surely I come quickly.”
I glanced a little further down,
To see the end of history…


Yay! I’m feeling better, now, despite a tiny bit of congestion. However, Ms. Grady is sick, so please be praying for her, especially that she’ll get better before we go to Saba.

Things are going to be very busy the next few days as we get ready to leave, but I’m excited. I can’t wait to go somewhere and forget about school for a while! I’m going to be drinking Ting like nobody’s business. (Ting is a grapefruit soda owned by Pepsi, just in case that last statement made anyone nervous.) And we are doing so many different service projects that I know I’ll be getting a good night’s sleep each night. As long as the goat settles OK in my stomach, that is. (“…Hey, how you doin’ down there?” …*bleats*) OK, I guess that was kind of weird… I’m going to bed now. I hope everyone else has a great Spring Break, too! Be safe, and God bless!

Good night, Mary-Ellen. Good night, Momma. Good night, John-Boy! *cues harmonica*


I’m sick today. Bleh… I started sneezing a lot yesterday afternoon, and by the night I was congested with a fever. It didn’t help that I was up late preparing to teach D.E. class today. Today the congestion has gone down, but I have a fever and a headache, and I hurt all over. I think my presentation in class went pretty well, even though I did drop the spring apparatus, which came crashing down at one point. I’m also worried that my presentation might have been really boring. I dunno. I was having a hard time judging the other students’ reactions. Oh well, at least it’s finally over.

We went and listened to the Conversations program tonight about up-and-coming technologies and some of the ethical implications around them. It was a good time, but now my brain hurts. I’m going to go to bed.

Saba is only five days away now. I cannot wait. This trip is going to be so uplifting! I just hope I feel better in time…

Good night, all.

Glorious Day!

Wow! What a gorgeous day outside! This is one of those perfect Saturday afternoons that you look back on in rainy February and dream about. The air is nice, the sun is out, there are no classes… Yay! I think we’ll go to the park this afternoon.

Before that the Go Stone and I are gonna go to the furniture store soon (Rhode’s is going out of business) and see about a futon or something for if (when) I move in with him this summer.

Last night we got some pizza (yum!) and went to Go Stone’s apartment to watch this really cool movie called “Dragonfly”. If you haven’t seen it I must say that we really enjoyed it. (Kevin Costner – 2002). Afterwards we were really silly and Go Stone and the Pondering Panda had a laughing contest, then we ate munchies and played Cranium. Good times, good times…

OK, now I’m gonna try to get some homework done before Go Stone gets here.

All-nighters are FUN!

I worked on my Physics Take-home Test last night. It was sort of a busy day, so I didn’t get started until about 9:45 at night, but I didn’t plan to have to work very much later than midnight. After all, I had done the first two out of eight problems a few days ago and they were really easy. Maybe 5-10 minutes a piece…

I went to bed at 5:00 AM. *_*

Oh, and I still didn’t finish the test in time.


Bleh Bleh Bleh.

Bleh Bleh BLEH Bleh Bleh.


So now I’m going to finish the rest of it and turn it in a day late tomorrow. At least now I can double-check my answers and make sure that I’ll get full possible credit. Cursed nanometers! Cursed electron-Volts! Cursed speed-of-light factors! Cursed wave-function Psi! Aargh!!!

Wait, tomorrow’s Friday. ^_^

*bliss ensues*