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Bow before me!


Song of Praise

We sang this in Acapella a few years ago. Very beautiful. Very uplifting. So reverent. I miss reverence sometimes.

Mp3 here

Pilgrims’ Hymn

Even before we call on Your name
To ask You, O God,
When we seek for the words to glorify You,
You hear our prayer;
Unceasing love, O unceasing love,
Surpassing all we know.

Glory to the Father,
And to the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit.

Even with darkness sealing us in,
We breathe Your name,
And through all the days that follow so fast,
We trust in You;
Endless Your grace, O endless Your grace,
Beyond all mortal dream.

Both now and for ever,
And unto ages and ages,

Michael Dennis Browne

More Stuff

Let’s see…

I am making a portable cloth game board. When it’s all done you’ll be able to play 9×9 go, checkers, othello, and probably a few other games on it. It will have a little sack that carries the “board” and the game pieces, which will be painted white on one side and black on the other to save space. I can’t wait to finish it. Yes, I am a nerd.

I’m also looking at graduate schools. So far Vanderbilt is by far my top choice, but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket just yet. I also need to sign up for the GRE soon…

Last week the GSM let me drive his car and get some practice on a stick. I didn’t do too bad. It was a lot easier to drive than the Z3, I’ll tell you that. Manual transmissions are fun, but I still need to work on changing more smoothly.

And finally, I am working some more on Astrolander. I’ve cleaned up the actual game segment quite a bit, added music/sound effects, and some nice fade in/out transitions. The two remaining steps to complete the project are to write a front-end menu for the game and make some levels. This game is going to be so freaking cool when it’s done!

That is all for now, so I will bid you all good evening.


Many Things

So many things to blog about! So little time!

Today fall has… fell? The air feels wonderful outside. I step outside buildings expecting to be struck by heat and humidity, and instead I am shocked by cool, dry air. Pretty soon the leaves will change colors and everything will smell good and… I like this time of year.

School is heavy, but I’m coping. I’ve started working with an ESL program here, and I’m meeting twice a week with one of Lipscomb’s facilities workers. What a great experience! “N” is from Egypt where he was an engineer, but here he cleans the science building. He has a wife and two girls, 9 and 10 who are both in school, and apparently he won a “lottery” to be eligible to come over to the United States. His English is very basic and makes most communictation difficult, so we go over basic vocabulary together for about an hour. I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes.

I have more to talk about, but now I have to go to Physics tutoring, so I’ll post more later. See ya!

A Song for Turning

Hungry, and faint, and poor,
Behold us, Lord, again
Assembled at Thy mercy’s door,
Thy bounty to obtain.

Thy word invites us nigh,
Or we would starve indeed;
For we no money have to buy,
Nor righteousness to plead.

The food our spirits want,
Thy hand alone can give;
O hear the prayer of faith, and grant
That we may eat and live!

John Newton

Care Package

I’ve got a cold today, and that makes me sad. PB says I should eat zinc. Does anyone have any lying around?

I got Mom’s care package today, and guess what (amongst other cool things) was inside? The Simon and Garfunkel Concert in Central Park DVD! That makes me happy, and I wonder what CS got…

And now I will bury myself in my quantum mechanics homework.

Page vii of my textbook:
“If you are not confused by quantum physics then you haven’t really understood it.” — Niels Bohr.

Wish me luck!