Word to Mr. G

Well, well, well…

It seems my future roommate has had a very busy summer as a youth ministry intern, planning and going on trips out the wazoo. This makes me happy. Word to you, Mr. G. I hope to hear some good stories when we get back.

Not much else going on…

The water worked today. Water is something that should really not be taken for granted. Thank you for water, God.

Good Movie: The Other Side of Heaven. (Disney) We love Kolipoki! Mission work is something I seem to be thinking about more and more. To live with and minister to people who have had very few of the privileges I have enjoyed, to show them the love of God which is (as my former roommate reminded me) the only real hope any of us have, Americans or not. It’s just that people in America are comfortable and don’t really see it. Proverbs 30:7-9. Yeah.

I guess that’s enough. Good night, All, and to all a good night!


Oh my Gourd!

Well, here it is: My First Post.
(Ooooh!… Ahhhhh!…)

Interesting day today…

My alarm clock didn’t go off because I didn’t set it last night. When I got in the shower, there was no water. I went outside in my pajama shorts and tried to fix the water pump for about 20 minutes, but no luck. So I went to work an hour and a half late with greasy hair and unbrushed teeth. Still, I don’t feel like I’ve had a bad day. I think it’s been a pretty good day. Since I was already late, I had plenty of time to pray this morning like I’d planned to. Plus I got a good night’s sleep. Speaking of which, I should probably start getting to work on another one tonight…

I’ll try to get a picture of the gourd up soon, that way this whole blog will make a little more sense.

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