O Lord and Master of My Life

A metricized form of the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian, in common meter. There are a million hymn tunes for this meter; I suggest St. Anne.

O Lord and Master of my life,
Grant not that I should live
In lazing sloth, nor weak despair,
And spurn the tasks Thou’d give.

Ambition’s spirit, lust for pow’r,
Cast far away from me.
Let not my tongue spout empty words,
Nor profane man, nor Thee.

Instead of these, Thy servant grant
Thy freeing chastity,
And teach, O Christ, in pathways dark
Thine own humility.

A patient Spirit give to me,
Thy calm indwelling Dove,
And that I might Thee better know,
Lord, crown my heart with love.

Yea, Lord and King, help me to spy
My own corroding faults,
And not to judge my brother’s sins,
But serve him as I ought.

Great God, our Father, Christ His Son,
And Spirit, Trinity,
Most bless’d art Thou from age to age,
And through eternity.