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The Next 4-5 Years

Just thought I’d let you all know that I got accepted at Vanderbilt and will be pursuing a Ph.D in Materials Science during the next 4-5 years.


Post 101

Happy birthday to me…

This is my 101st post. I guess I should have celebrated my 100th but I was too distracted by the fact that I couldn’t get a fortune. Oh well.

My birthday was way cool! I don’t like to make a big deal of stuff, so Ms. Grady took me out to Rotier’s on Elliston and treated me to a great dinner, and we were able to spend some time together, which we haven’t been doing much of lately. Then we went to Target to work on registry stuff, and when I got back to my room Jacob came up and we played a game of go and listened to music. I got some guitar strings, some Japanese snacks I can’t remember the name of (the koala bears), and a vibrating neck pillow. (Sorry if I left out anyone’s gifts.) Thanks to everyone for the calls / e-mails / presents! Oh yeah, I am now 22. *_*

Yesterday was a big day because I went to Vanderbilt for grad school interviews. I actually really enjoyed being there and talking to the different professors, and I also want to thank my neighbor Mr. S. who let (OK, made) me wear his suit, tie, shirt, shoes, and yes folks, even socks.

I think the hardest thing for me at Vandy if I get accepted will be figuring out what I want to do, because everything sounds really interesting and cool. Luckily they have you do some group rotations to get a feel for the different research projects.

The only interview I wasn’t sure about was with the second professor I met, who almost immediately asked me to write Schroedinger’s equation on the board, then had me solve a few equations for him. o_O But I was talking to some grad students later and they said he does that to everyone. Speaking of the grad students, this is the other fun part. After the interviews some of the grad students took me out to Trace Restaurant for dinner, where I got a chance to talk to them about the program without professors around, to get the “real skivvy”. In any case, we got along real well and had some good conversations, and they said I’d be a good fit at the program. 🙂 Oh, and because it was raining, I got a free umbrella! Woot!

After that Ms. Grady and I went to help the GSM move to his New Apartment 2.0. We really only made one trip, but I think we got a lot of little stuff that would have been a pain otherwise. His new place is SO NICE! I’m really excited for him. Congratulations, GSM!

I think that is all for now. Abucuses rock.