A haiku:

Scotchguard on my shoe
Water in the stream flowing
Water in my sock

Thank you, thank you.


Without further askew…

Hello everyone! I’m sorry it’s been SOOOO long since my last entry.

Right now Stella, Jason, and I are playing Scrabble in my room. I started with a 7-letter word, which earned me 62 points, but it seems Stella has already caught up to me. She’s really good, so Jason and I are pretty much doomed…

But on to brighter subjects! My laptop is now running Gentoo Linux. Whoot. I get to go on a backpacking trip Tuesday for a class, which should be cool. Other than that, this week has been very stressful, with a test and a midterm and about 3829 other things I need to do, but the weekend is approaching, and things are finally cooling off.

Stella is watching me type. I’m not sure what I think about this. Should I be careful what I say? I guess there’s nothing offensive I could really say. I love you, Stella.

Yay!!! We’re getting pizza. I pulled a Stella when Rick suggested it by suddenly inhaling quite loudly. You’d think there was a sunset around or something…

I guess that’s all for now. Hopefully the adoring fans will be appeased, at least for a few more months. BE APPEASED!



Can anyone help me? I’m having some space-time continuum problems. To put it simply: It is impossible for me to take a short shower. Case in point: this morning. I got up and thought, “Let’s see if I can take a 2-minute shower today!” I got in the shower, warmed up, shampooed my hair, scrub, scrub, scrubbed, and went back to my room. I looked at my clock to see how much time had gone by. Any takers? 2 minutes? 5? Try 20. O_o … ? It’s as if as soon as I step into the little cubicle, I’m propelled to a relativistic velocity for a few minutes, and when I return, years have gone by. Can anyone help me?

In other news… Jason and I wrote a program yesterday. As a rule, I despise working with partners or in groups. Yesterday I found an exception. There seems to be a principle here: If the other person actually knows what they’re doing, PARTNERS WORK GREAT! Needless to say, Jason and I had a blast, even though we found out we were doing it wrong when we thought we were done… but that’s another story. Kudos to Mr. D.

Can a nerd get a lil’ LOVE in here?