Across the Dark Sea

Across the dark sea the multitudes came,
Demanding that Jesus some miracle show,
And new signs to see, or more bread to claim,
Asked, “when did you get here, and why did you go?”

But answered he then, “See, I am the bread.
I came down from heaven the world to make free.
Who so eat of me shall wake from the dead,
And I’ll live in them just as they live in me.”

“You’re Joseph’s son, though, and Jesus your name.”
Their ire arose in a grumbling heat.
“Just what do you mean, ‘from heaven I came?’
And how can you give us your body to eat?”

“My flesh is true food, my blood is true drink,”
The multitudes then heard their Savior to say.
“His teaching is hard,” in heart some did think,
And so from their life and salvation turned ’way.

“Will you leave as well?” he turns now to urge.
Let love in our answer proclaim, “This we know:
Eternal life wells in all of your words.
O Christ, Son of God, to whom then shall we go?”